Whale Sharks & Turtles Of The Yucatan


Experience The Best Of Mexico's Ocean Wildlife

See all that the Mexican Riviera has to offer with this Journey Mexico tour as you search for whale sharks, green sea turtles and explore Mayan ruins. Spend two days on Isla Mujeres with daily boat rides to find the giant yet gentle whale sharks. Continue the tour at the Sian Ka’an Reserve and explore the ancient Mayan ruins, and even go on a night tour in search of nesting sea turtles.

End the trip on an exciting adventure through Punta Allen located on the Yucatan Peninsula. Learn from a wildlife expert, stop in the charming town of Punta Allen, bird watch and snorkel around beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish all in one day!


Trip Details:

Operator: SEE Turtles

Price From: $1,995 per person

Dates: July 25-31

Duration: 7 days

Wildlife: Green Turtles, Whale Sharks

Conservation Impact: Benefits Flora, Fauna, y Cultura: A Mexican organization that works to protect wildlife and habitat in the state of Quintana Roo including sea turtles.



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Banner image: Brad Nahill/SEEtheWILD