Visit Belize

This Central American paradise has it all including incredible wildlife, a beautiful coast, well protected rainforest, and indigenous cultures.

Why Visit Belize?

Most travelers visit Belize for the water, with the Mesoamerican Reef and many great diving and snorkeling spots. This reef is the world's second largest and while it goes from Mexico to Honduras, the majority of the 700 miles of coral belong to Belize. There are hundreds of islands and atolls throughout the reef and many protected areas.

In addition to ocean wildlife, Belize offer’s great opportunities to explore the rainforest, meet indigenous Mayan families, explore caves and more. Outside of Belize City, it is safe to travel and English is the first language. 

What Is SEEtheWILD?

We're a non-profit organization that promotes conservation travel through wildlife tours that help protect endangered species. We work with quality tour operators who have passed our criteria to ensure low environmental impact. 

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Photo credits: Brad Nahill, Wildland Adventures