Background & Staff

SEEtheWILD works to support conservation of endangered wildlife by promoting alternatives to destructive activities, increasing critical funding for conservation, and inspiring new wildlife activists. We believe that conservation travel is the next big trend in ecotourism. SEEtheWILD was founded in 2012 by conservationists Brad Nahill & Dr. Wallace J. Nichols to expand the market for wildlife conservation travel. 

Staff Bios

Brad Nahill: Co-founder & Director

Brad launched SEEtheWILD with Dr. Wallace J. Nichols in 2012 to build the market for wildlife conservation tourism. He has worked in sea turtle conservation, ecotourism, and environmental education for 12 years with organizations including SEE Turtles, Ocean Conservancy, Rare, Asociacion ANAI (Costa Rica), and the Academy of Natural Sciences (Philadelphia). He has also consulted for several ecotourism companies and non-profits, including EcoTeach and Costa Rican Adventures.

Brad is a member of the Awards Committee of the International Sea Turtle Society and has authored several book chapters, blogs, and abstracts on turtle conservation and ecotourism and has presented at major travel conferences and sea turtle symposia. Brad has a BS in Environmental Economics from Penn State University and teaches a class on ecotourism at Mount Hood Community College. He also co-authored the book A Worldwide Travel Guide to Sea Turtles with Dr. Wallace J. Nichols and Melissa Gaskill.


Dr. Wallace J. Nichols: Co-founder

Dr. Nichols has been a leading ocean wildlife conservationist for 15 years working on scientific research, education, and capacity building. J. co-founded several conservation groups including Ocean Revolution, WiLDCOAST, and the Grupo Tortuguero, a coalition of fishermen, local residents, and conservationists spanning Mexico’s Pacific coast. He is a Research Associate at the California Academy of Sciences, former President of the International Sea Turtle Society, and Eastern Pacific co-chair for the IUCN’s Marine Turtle Specialists Group.

Dr. Nichols is a member of numerous advisory boards including Oceana, Sea Turtle Restoration Project, and Save Our Shores. Dr. Nichols has a PhD. in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Arizona, a Master’s of Environmental Management from Duke University, and BS in Biology from DePauw University. He is also the best selling author of the book Blue Mind.