Shark Conservation In Belize


Participate In Shark Research Along The Belize Barrier Reef

Join Dr. Demian Chapman, a prominent shark conservationist, on a volunteer expedition to the South Water Caye marine reserve off the shores of Belize. Learn how to track sharks, catch them to study their diets, film them using underwater cameras, and study their recovery in the newly protected waters.

The shark population off the coast of Belize is dwindling due to overfishing for their fins, but with your help and the many dedicated locals and conservationists, the shark population is on its way to recovery. Lend a helping hand in the research all while enjoying the beautiful caribbean waters and reefs of the Belizean coast.


Trip Details:

Organization: Earthwatch Institute

Price From: $2,795 USD per person

Dates: January & June- July

Duration: 8 days

Wildlife: Hammerhead sharks


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Photo credits: Duncan Brake & Jillian Morris / Earthwatch Institute