Reefs to Rockies

Reefs to Rockies specializes in designing unique itineraries to adventurous locations with spectacular flora and fauna. We believe that traveling to diverse destinations is a process of discovery and that amazing lessons are waiting to be learned.

Reefs to Rockies is committed to the principles of sustainable and responsible tourism and believe it is their duty to consider the impacts their itineraries have on the environment, wildlife, and local communities. They make a donation on behalf of all trip participants to community projects and conservation efforts at the destination and adhere to the International Ecotourism Society guidelines for sustainable tourism.

Wildlife Conservation Trips:

Making A Difference

Their destinations include areas with high levels of biodiversity and ecological importance. Reefs to Rockies believes that their greatest task is to preserve the areas they send travelers so they are available for generations of visitors.

Steps They Take:

  • Book when possible at local hotels committed to sustainability and conservation. If the property is not locally-owned, management must have a local presence and employ community members.
  • Hire local guides who work to minimize environmental impact.
  • Educate travelers about sustainable tourism, environmental stewardship, and resource conservation.
  • Maintain small groups on all itineraries.
  • Support wildlife conservation efforts at the destination.
  • Offer carbon offset programs to travelers.
  • Implement environmental measures at the office including energy conservation, recycling, composting, and using recycled paper products.

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Photo credit: Reefs to Rockies