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Darien Gap Jaguar Expedition

Darien Gap Jaguar Expedition

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Jaguar Tracking in the Darien Gap of Panama:

Operator:  Legends of the Wild
Price From:  $8000 USD per person
Dates:  To be announced
Duration:  10 days
 Wildlife:  Jaguars

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Join a life-altering Jaguar tracking expedition deep in the Darien Gap region of Panama. Led by naturalist Ricardo Moreno, the 10-day tracking adventure aims to trap a jaguar responsibly in order to attach an electronic collar. Through the tracking of jaguars, researchers learn about their behaviours, movements, and better understand the best ways of effective conservation of jaguar populations.



Day 1: Arrive Panama City

Arrive Panama Tocumen Airport and transfer to Panama City luxury hotel.

Day 2: Darien Gap Base Camp

Helicopter flight from Panama City to our Darien Gap base camp.

Days 3-7: Various Excursions

Trekking excursions from base camp to one or both of Pirre Mountain and Guayavio (Colombian border) to implement the jaguar trapping/electronic collar project.

Days 8-10: Return to Panama City

Return trek from Darien to Boca de Cupe village, followed by dugout canoe to Yaviza, followed by drive to Panama City and transfer to luxury hotel.

Dinner and evening in Casco Viejo historic district, Panama City. 

Depart following day.

Country Fast Facts


Flag  flag_of_panama-svg
Continent: Central America
Official Language(s) Spanish
Capital: Panama City
Population 3,929,141
Climate(s) Equatorial, Monsoon, Tropical
Major Airport(s): Panama Tocumen International Airport (PTY)
Economic Driver(s): International Trade, Tourism