Conservation Travel

SEEtheWILD’s mission is to promote volunteer and educational tours that support wildlife conservation efforts around the world. Our partners go through a screening process to ensure that every company and non-profit listed on the site support conservation, reduce their environmental impact, educate travelers, and benefit local communities. We are a non-profit project of The Ocean Foundation.

20% of income goes towards wildlife conservation efforts around the world. Half of those funds go to Billion Baby Turtles where every $1 saves a sea turtle hatchling. The rest of the funds will go towards conservation programs that are nominated by partner tour operators and voted upon by the general public. In addition, we provide free and discounted marketing for qualified non-profit organizations.

Promoting Wildlife Conservation:

  • $3,000 to the Marine Megafauna Foundation to support tracking of manta rays in Mozambique
  • $500 to the Raincoast Conservation Foundation for humpback whale conservation in British Columbia
  • $500 to Conservation Northwest for grizzly bear research and conservation in British Columbia
  • $500 to the South African Center for the Conservation of Birds to improve habitat for penguins on Robben Island
  • $500 to Travel Operators for Tigers to support improving tiger habitat in the buffer zone of Kanha National Park, India

About SEEtheWILD: