SEE Big Cats

Big cats are among the most revered and feared animals on earth. Many biologists consider six species to be big cats: leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, lions, snow leopards, and tigers.

While many of these animals are elusive to see in the wild, the sight of a big cat can be a life-changing experience.

Did You Know?

  • A recent study hypothesizes that tigers and snow leopards are the most closely related to each other with lions, leopards, and jaguars evolving from the same ancestor.
  • Lions are the only big cats that live in groups, called “prides.” These individual species have been on earth for between 2 to 4 million years. 
  • Populations of these species are all considered either endangered, vulnerable, or near threatened and all of their populations are declining. Learn more here.

What Is SEEtheWILD?

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Photo credit: Catherine Downie/Dreamstime