SEE Bears

One of the largest of terrestrial mammals, bears hold a special place in human imagination. People from cultures around the world have both revered and feared this impressive creature.

Did You Know?

  • Bears closest relatives are pinnipeds, which include seals, sea lions, and walrus.
  • Similar to big cats, bears are mostly solitary and give birth to their young in protected places such as caves and dens.There are twice as many black bears as all other species combined.
  • Only one species is found in the Southern Hemisphere, the spectacled bear.
  • Six of eight species of bears are omnivorous; the polar bear is mostly carnivorous and the panda is herbivorous.
  • Bears do not truly hibernate, their body temperatures only drop slightly and they do not wake to feed or relieve themselves like true hibernators.

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Photo credit: Lanaufoto/Dreamstime