African Wildlife Safaris

Africa is full of great opportunities to see wild animals. By joining one a wildlife conservation safari, you will have a unique experience while knowing that your trip is support local conservation programs.

Why an African Wildlife Safari?

From lions and cheetahs to ocean species like whale sharks, humpback whales, and penguins, Africa offers unparalleled opportunities to see and learn about animals.

You can visit famous reserves like Kruger National Park, community-run conservancies, game reserves, and iconic spots like the Serengeti, South Africa’s Robben Island and the Okavango Delta.

What Is SEEtheWILD?

We're a non-profit organization that promotes conservation travel through wildlife tours that help protect endangered species. We work with quality tour operators who have passed our criteria to ensure low environmental impact. 

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 Feature African Wildlife Safaris

Photo credits: Mogens Trolle/Dreamstime, ClaireCphotography/Dreamstime