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Big Cat Conservation

Despite the intense and growing threats to big cats, conservation programs are helping to bring them back. New technologies are improving how researchers study these animals habits and new techniques are changing how local communities interact with these animals. 

Learn more about why big cats are endangered here.


Featured Big Cat Conservation Groups

Our trips and expeditions benefit several wild cat conservation organizations, including:

Northern Tuli Predator Project: This project in Botswana focuses mainly on the study of lions and leopards, but also research other large carnivores such as the spotted hyena and brown hyena.

Desert Lion Conservation Project: Started in Namibia with the aim to collect sound ecological data, address human-lion conflicts, and to develop a conservation strategy.

10,000 Tigers Conservation Campaign: A program that supports training of local guides near tiger reserves in India to enhance visitor experience, raise community awareness, and support anti-poaching efforts.


International & US-Based Organizations

These organizations are leaders in the conservation of cats and other wildlife. 


World Wildlife Fund Tiger Program

Snow Leopard Trust

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Wildlife Conservation Society Big Cats Program


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Wild Cat Conservation Trips

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