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Wildlife Conservation Organizations

We partner with conservation organizations with strong records of supporting endangered wildlife and local communities. Partners receive a range of benefits, including donations based on referrals who sign up for SEEtheWILD tours, exposure through our website and social media networks, and connecting your organization with respected ecotourism operators.

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SEEtheWILD Partners will receive the following benefits

  • Promotion of your organization’s news, action alerts, and fundraising appeals on our website, blog, enewsletter, Facebook, Twitter, public presentations, and trade shows;
  • Videos and images highlighted across the website;
  • Paragraph with link on animal conservation pages; and
  • We can also help to set up tours that produce donations for your organization run by award-winning ecotourism operators (at no charge) and help promote them.

SEEtheWILD asks our partners to

  • Promote SEEtheWILD to your various audiences, including social media networks, enewsletters, website, etc;
  • Help connect us with well-run field conservation programs that can benefit from our trips; and
  • Provide feedback on important conservation issues and wildlife habitats that your organization has expertise in.

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"SEEtheWILD has helped us and our local partners receive new funding from ecotourism, recruit volunteers, and reach the US travel market."

-Didiher Chacon, WIDECAST Latin America Program

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“Few tourism programs bring economic growth to local communities while directly strengthening wildlife conservation. SEEtheWILD achieves this and more by giving people from around the world a transformative experience with nature. There is no more powerful way to educate people about the planet’s most imperiled species.”

-Dr. Sarah Otterstrom, Executive Director, Paso Pacífico

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