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Travel Organizations

We partner with tour operators and non-profits with strong records of supporting wildlife conservation programs and local communities. Partners will receive a variety of marketing benefits and your support will contribute to the success of this innovative conservation program.  

To participate in SEEtheWILD, for-profit partners are asked to pay a commission for new client referrals. Commissions will be split between donations to wildlife conservation programs and marketing SEEtheWILD.org. Both partnership donations and commissions should be considered tax deductible. 

*Non-profit travel and volunteer organizations may qualify for a free membership and reduced commissions.

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Current travel partners


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"SEEtheWILD has helped us both reach new audiences and find new customers as well as increasing our support for wildlife conservation."

-Deb Smucker, EcoTeach

© Tambako the Jaguar - Flickr

“SEEtheWILD has helped provide Earthwatch with incredible support and visibility during the last year which has resulted in many referrals to us of prospective volunteers eager to join our scientific expeditions.  We count on continued support from SEEtheWILD to enable us to carry out our own mission.”

-James Fry, Director of Institutional Partnerships, Earthwatch Institute