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Travel Criteria

All of the tour operators and non-profit organizations we work with are rated for their history of supporting conservation efforts and the communities they visit.

Basic Information

  • Business in operation for at least 3 years
  • Business handles at least 25 travelers/year
  • Business has experience working with wildlife, local cultures/communities, and/or natural/cultural heritage sites
  • Business has an adequate system for responding to customer feedback
  • Business has a strong responsible tourism policy 
  • Business holds at least one major certification or award related to sustainable tourism or has at least one reputable business reference that has been contacted
  • Business has an adequate level of liability insurance

Social, Environmental, & Cultural Criteria

  • Business has tours promoting at least one of SEEtheWILD's target species
  • Geographic location has important habitat for the featured wildlife species
  • Wildlife species featured is endangered or threatened
  • At least 5% of tour income goes to local conservation and/or community development projects through fees, donations, or in-kind contributions
  • At least 20% of tour income is spent in communities surrounding wildlife conservation programs or important habitat
  • An established wildlife conservation program is in place in the site
  • Appropriate precautions are in place to minimize impact of tours on wildlife 
  • Is able to track amount of income going to conservation and communities
  • Company supports local culture, heritage, and/or community development
  • At least 50% of tour guides are from the specific countries

Additional Criteria

  • Business takes at least three carbon reduction and management measures
  • Business takes at least three measures to reduce their environmental impact on destinations
  • Business takes at least two measures to train employees and educate clients
  • Business takes at least two measures to promote community involvement
  • Business has code of conduct for its interactions with indigenous and/or local cultures/communities
  • At least 50% of goods and services are from locally and community-run businesses
  • Able to provide letter of support or reference from conservation partners