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RED Sustainable Travel

RED Sustainable Travel was founded in 2009 upon the idea that conservation and socioeconomic well-being go hand in hand. Since its founding, the RED project has shattered paradigms, changed lives, and created natural resource stewards in rural communities throughout NW Mexico. We are strident in our commitment to local people as the solution to long term environmental conservation issues. 

RED takes conservation projects - such as sea turtle monitoring - and turns them into "conservation adventures", along the way creating sustainable economic alternatives (to poaching, for instance) to local communities along Northwest México. As part of these efforts, RED fosters direct support for conservation work and community development (such as cash or volunteer time), and promotes a model of tourism for the region based on natural resource preservation.

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Making A Difference

RED supports the development of conservation tourism in Northwest Mexico through:

  • Training: Small tourism enterprise management and operation, guiding, tourism services
  • Sustainable business planning and incubation: Working with communities to create social enterprises based on principles of financial viability, transparency, and social and environmental commitment.
  • Marketing and Sales: Centralized hub to service community enterprises.

In addition, every trip supports sea turtle research and conservation programs and local environmental education programs. 

Learn more about RED Sustainable Travel here.

Kids can see turtle research up close
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The gray whales of Baja are known as the "friendly whales" as they often approach boats to say hi