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Join the WildTribe

Help us save wildlife and we'll reward you!

WildTribe is a group of enthusiastic advisors & ambassadors who support the mission of SEEtheWILD by giving feedback and helping to spread our message.

We'll repay your efforts by giving away fun stuff and discounts, contests, and more.

What You Get

You will be part of a unique program to save endangered wildlife around the world.

All members, upon completion of a few tasks, receive (over the next year):

  • SEE Turtles long sleeve organic T-shirt (pictured at right); 
  • 5% discount for 2 on most SEEtheWILD conservation tours; and
  • Participation in occasional contests and giveaways during the year.

What You Can Do As A Member

We'll ask you to help us out in a number of ways. How much time you spend on this stuff is up to you and participation is voluntary. We'll never tell you what to say, we want you to decide how best you can help.

Ways you can help:

  • Feedback on our website, marketing plans, trips, and other initiatives.
  • Help our social media efforts by liking & sharing FB posts, retweeting tweets, and +1. 
  • Comment on our blog posts.
  • Spread the word for our promotions and contests, vote for us in contests, and encourage others when we enter contests.
  • Know a teacher? Connect us with them to share our education program.
  • Like to write or photograph? Write blog posts or share your images.
  • Share your ideas with us!

How It Works

Nothing is mandatory (no papers to sign) but to get the goodies requires doing some basic tasks. Again, we'll never tell you what to say, it will be your choice when and how to participate. We’ll start with a small group and then refresh it with new blood at regular intervals to cultivate a group of the most active people. 


How Do I Apply?

Contact us here to inquire about joining the WildTribe.

Who is Eligible?

WildTribe is open to anyone over 18. We’re looking for a diverse group (ages, backgrounds, philosophies, etc) though one primarily based in the US (that is our primary market after all).

Note that people living outside the US can participate but are not eligible for most giveaways (we can't afford the postage) but are eligible for some incentives.

Those already connected in some way to SEEtheWILD (such as working for a partner, our friends, etc.) can be members and get the freebies but are not eligible for some contests.

What Is SEEtheWILD?

We're a non-profit project that offers travelers the opportunity to protect wildlife while traveling. All of our trips generate donations for conservation, support local communities, minimize their impacts, and educate travelers. We're a project of The Ocean Foundation.

© Neil Osborne
© Neil Osborne
Your help will allow us to save more adorable animals