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Conservation Tourism

Every ecotour and volunteer expedition on SEEtheWILD supports wildlife conservation efforts and nearby communities.  Conservation tourism, when done well, can increase resources for wildlife protection, inspire travelers, and create public support.  

Through our pilot project SEE Turtles, we have generated more than $500,000 in support for sea turtle conservation programs and local residents.  Learn more about how SEE Turtles protects sea turtles here.

Our criteria for tour operators & travel organizations.

Contact us for more information on conservation tourism.


How We Evaluate Tour Operators

We review all of the tour operators we work with for four factors:

  • Direct Support of Conservation: Tours generate fees and donations for wildlife conservation programs and/or provide volunteer support.
  • Education of Travelers: Tours provide learning opportunities about natural history, threats, and how to help wild animals.
  • Benefits Local Communities: Operators use locally-owned businesses and guides in communities near wildlife hotspots.
  • Reduces Environmental Impact: Operators use low-impact lodging and reduce waste and carbon emissions where possible.

How SEEtheWILD Promotes Conservation

  • At least 5% of the cost of every expedition listed here goes directly to organizations working to protect wildlife in the destination;
  • Many expeditions include additional fees & donations paid to conservation organizations;
  • These expeditions focus on locally-owned businesses including hotels and cabins, restaurants, souvenir shops, and more;
  • Volunteer expeditions include hands-on participation with wildlife conservation programs; 
  • We evaluate the organizations we work with to ensure that they take steps to reduce negative impacts on wildlife and the environment; 
  • Travelers return educated and inspired to become active participants in conservation efforts; and
  • Each expedition listing details how it benefits local conservation efforts.

SEEtheWILD Wildlife Tours

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